Beetle Hands Anniversary Card Print Set

Beetle Hands Anniversary Card Print Set


A 4-piece card set celebrating 4 years of Beetle Hands in thick, double-printed collectible-like cards and envelope. Features new and original renditions of official Beetle Hands art.


Single Card w/ Personal Message + Signature: a single randomized print with a personal message and signature written on the back of the card. Your personal message can be customized on the "Add a note" option just below your list of orders on the checkout page. (Any universally offensive language or meaning will be rejected, and you will be asked to provided another message. Any Message + Signature type items that are ordered will not be shipped until all customizations to the handwritten messages is provided by the customer. If the note is left empty, you will be emailed for your reply.)


Each print (not includng the envelope) is a 4in (10.16cm) X 6in (15.24cm) double heavy cardstock board with art on both the front and back. Due to the material, it is durable and unbendable. Comes with a special storage envelope, also featuring printed Beetle Hands banner logo and art, to safely store the prints in a cool way!


Limited stock and will not be reproduced once stock runs out.